Herbertek AB

ZX - Position sensors - Wire rope

• World smallest
• 18.5x18.5x9.5 mm
• 38mm stroke

World smallest 0-38mm
The ZX models offer a 1.5” (38mm) measurement range in an extremely compact package. Utilizing a long life co-molded potentiometer with essentially infinite resolution, model ZX-PA-1.5 is the world’s smallest stringpot. In a slightly thicker package, model ZX-HM-1.5 utilizes a non-contacting internal hall effect sensing device which gives a ratiometric voltage output with a resolution of approximately 0.0016” (0.04mm). With wide operating temperature range, long cycle life and tiny footprint, both ZX models are perfect for applications where space is at an absolute premium and maximum performance is required.

Availible as:

ZX-PA with potentiomter
ZX-HM with hall effect sensor

Manufacturer Unimeasure
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