Herbertek AB

Standard - Position sensors - Wire rope

• Up to 2000mm
• Analog, speed, digital
• IP40
• Robust
• Aluminium case

Standard sensor 0-2000mm
The Standard Series consists of a family of cable extension linear position and linear velocity transducers in a NEMA 1 (IP-40) housing. The transducer mechanism is housed inside of an aluminum cover and attached to an anodized aluminum baseplate with four mounting holes. The measurement range determines which of three housing sizes is to be used. All of the possible UniMeasure analog and digital position outputs are offered in the Standard Series. The wire rope exit is perpendicular to the baseplate as shown in the photo but optional side and bottom wire rope exit locations are available. Other options include nylon jacketed wire rope, dust wiper, terminal strip, non-standard potentiometer, and alternate connector location.

Standardserien is availible as analog , speed or digital outputs

PA - Potentiometer
PB - Bridge
P510 - 0-5, 010V
P420 - 4-20mA
EP - Digital encoder
V- Speed
VP - Speed and position with potentiometer

Manufacturer Unimeasure
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