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HXLR - Position sensors - Wire rope

• 0-10m
• For own style of encoder

Wirerope module
The UniMeasure HXLR module provides an easy method of converting linear motion to a digital output from
nearly any industrial rotary encoder whether incremental or absolute. The module includes adapter plate, shaft
coupling and o-ring seal to facilitate attachment of the encoder. With a NEMA 4 rated encoder attached to the
environmentally sealed module, the completed assembly is also NEMA 4 capable.
Of note are the number of revolutions for the measurement range and the linear travel per revolution as shown
in Table 15 on the following page. With this information, one can easily determine the resolution in counts per
inch for a particular encoder. Prior to shipment, each Linear to Rotary Module is calibrated to determine the
precise linear travel per revolution.

Manufacturer Unimeasure
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