Herbertek AB

HX - Position sensors - Wire rope

• Up to 50m
• Analog and digital signals
• 30 ranges
• IP65 - IP68
• Robust
• Aluminium/ Stainless steel

Heavy duty up to 0-50m

The UniMeasure HX Series consists of a family of environmentally sealed cable extension transducers for the measurement of linear position and/or linear velocity. The HX models are appropriate for hostile environments where exposure to rain, wash down, or submersion in various liquids are concerns. With standard features such as oring seals in all joints, wire rope dust and debris wiper, and rigid two point mounting system, the HX series is the preferred solution when measurement in an adverse environment is necessary. The units are available in two basic package configurations determined by the overall measurement range. Thirty ranges from 0-2 inches to 0-2,000 inches are offered. Electrical outputs include ratiometric voltage divider, bridge circuit, 4-20 mA, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 VDC, ±10 VDC, and quadrature square wave digital.

Standardserien is availible as analog , speed or digital outputs

HX-PA - Potentiometer
HX-PB - Bridge
HX-P510 - 0-5, 010V
HX-P420 - 4-20mA
HX-EP - Digital encoder
HX-V- Speed
HX-VP - Speed and position with potentiometer

Manufacturer Unimeasure
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