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SST200 - Position sensors - Inclinometers

• High reliability & performance-cost ratio
• Repeatability & Offset ±0.02°
• Response time 0.3s@t90
• Cross axis sensitivity less than ±0.3%FS
• Temperature drift reach ±0.1°@ -40~85℃ (Option)
• Full seal & anti-shock,IP67 protection
• Carried 50 industry & military standards

SST200 inclinometer based on MEMS technology,integrated with cross-axis sensitivity compensation,filt
ring,nonlinearity correction,CAE&EDA simulation and patented automatic testing technology,to meet various industrial measurement & control in most hash environment.
SST200 inclinometer performs high reliability & stability. Thanks full-sealed technology,enhanced PCBA,
intelligent power management,enhanced anti-shock & anti-vibration,enforced cable (heavy duty up to
30kg) assembly and robust aluminium alloy house(with heat treatment and anti-torsion fin shing). As
well as the long-term dynamic simulation and patented auto-test technology.
SST200 meets various strict or special military applications. As request,make fi ed test programs according to MIL/EN/IEC/GJB etc. standards. As general option,the total temperature drift can reach ±0.1°
within -40~+85℃ .

Manufacturer Vigor
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