Herbertek AB

X133 - Position sensors - EX ATEX - IECEx

• from 50mm to 100mm stroke length
• Contactless
• Powerful construction
• Built-in Electronics
• 0-5 / 10V 4-20mA signal types

Mid stroke 51-100mm
The X133 is a durable, affordable, high accuracy short stroke linear inductive position sensor designed for use in industrial and scientific applications.

The P133 is very compact and offers an excellent stroke to overall length ratio. Each unit is supplied calibrated to the exact travel required by the customer, for example, if your application requires 3" (76 mm) measurement then Positek will manufacture the sensor specifically for this length.The mechanical length and calibration will be set up for 76mm. The P133 is available with any travel from 0-51mm to 0-100mm.

The sensor is availible in these versions:

ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia)

X133 GAS

CSA APPROVED (Ex ia) (AEx ia)

G133 GAS

Manufacturer Positek
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