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X117 - Position sensors - EX ATEX - IECEx

• ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia)
• Stroke lengths 10-350mm
• Powerful construction
• Spring loaded pushrod options available
• IP67

Slim line 5-350mm
The X117 is is very space efficient and compact with its 19mm body diameter. Affordable, durable, high-accuracy position sensor designed for industrial and scientific feedback applications. The repeatability, overall performance and stability are excellent over a large temperature range. The X117 is housed within a stainless steel body tube and has a 3/8" stainless steel push rod.

Various mounting options are available including M5 male stud and M5 rod eye bearing. The push rod can be supplied free or captive with M5 male thread or M5 rod eye. Like all Positek products the P117 provides a linear output proportional to the displacement. Each unit is supplied calibrated to the customers exact requirement, from 0-5mm to 0-350mm and with full EMC protection built in. For example, if your application requires 3/4" (19 mm) measurement then Positek will manufacture the sensor specifically for this length. The mechanical length and calibration will be set up for 19 mm.
The X117 is sealed to IP67 . The sensor has fully integrated EMC protection.

Positek intrinsically safe sensors are designed to be used with a galvanically isolated amplifier . Approved galvanic isolation amplifiers (X005) are available from Positek; there is a choice of 0.5-9.5V or 4-20mA transmission outputs.
The sensor can be installed with a cable length up to 1km between the sensor and the amplifier.

The sensor is availible in these versions:

ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia)

X117 GAS

ANZEx (Ex ia)


CSA APPROVED (Ex ia) (AEx ia)

G117 GAS

Manufacturer Positek
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