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X005 - Position sensors - EX ATEX - IECEx

• ATEX och IECEx
• Certifierad [EX ia Ma] I
• Certifierad [EX ia Ga Da] IIC
• FAst 4,7kHz
• for 3 or 5 wires

Galvanic Isolation Amplifier
The X005 Galvanic Isolation Amplifier is ATEX and IECEx approved for use with Positek Intrinsically Safe Position Sensors. The sensors are ratiometric i.e. the output signal scales with the supply voltage, to ensure the safe area signal accurately corresponds with sensor displacement it is important that the sensor supply is correct.

The X005 Galvanic Isolation Amplifier provides a regulated and resistively limited +5V dc power supply required by the sensors, it can be connected in three or five wire modes. Used in five wire mode positive and negative sense inputs enable the X005 to dynamically adjust the sensor supply thus ensuring the correct voltage across the sensor. Connected in this way the X005 can compensate for 15Ω conductor resistance. The sense terminals are linked internally so the end user can use the X005 in three wire or five wire mode without the need to fit or remove external links.

The amplifier is availible in these versions:

ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia)

X005 GAS

ANZEx (Ex ia)


CSA APPROVED (Ex ia) (AEx ia)

G005 GAS

Manufacturer Positek
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