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1356 - Position sensors - Angle sensor

• Single & dual channel output
• Linear or angular measurement
• Non-contact, two part design
• No moving sensor parts
• Unlimited mechanical life
• Submersible

Low cost Inductive sensor
The Dual Output Position Sensor is a unique non-contact sensor which measures either the linear or rotary position of a metallic activator accurately and repeatably. The output characteristics of the sensor are determined by the shape and material of the activator, which moves within two sensor cavities and produces a signal relative to its position.
Using Gill’s inductive technology the position sensor is light, compact and durable, offering a wide variety of mounting and wiring options to provide simple integration and installation.
The Dual Cavity Position Sensor's analogue output varies symmetrically about 2.5 Volts - the output level with no activator present. This 2.5V is termed the "output reference voltage" and the nature and extent of variation from this reference level depends on the design and material of the activator. As standard this displacement transducer suits a total movement of 30 to 50mm travel at the sensing holes to get full-scale output with a good linear response.
The two sensing holes have opposite effects. Introducing an activator into the positive hole sends the level up from 2.5V, and into the negative hole down from 2.5V. This arrangement is extremely flexible, allowing a range of response characteristics to suit many applications. Good linearity can be obtained where required, and various types of non-linear behaviour can also be generated. For linear behaviour the activator arms are typically tapered and symmetrical.
With normal tolerances the unit-to-unit repeatability is highly consistent. Typically this displacement transducer and activator arrangement provides much better long-term reliability and repeatability than a conventional linkage mechanism that is hostage to tolerance build-up, backlash, wear and damage.
The Dual Cavity Position Sensor is also available as a dual-analogue output device. In this format each of the sensing holes produces a separate analogue output. This is particularly suitable for customers looking to monitor two individual movements with one transducer, for example monitoring brake and accelerator pedals with a separate metallic activator mounted to each.

Manufacturer Gill Sensors
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