Herbertek AB

10302 - Pedals joysticks - Joysticks

• 2 axis
• Analouge
• 4-20mA

Joystick hand controller
Hand Control
Axis: Dual Axis with buttons and triggers
Mechanical Travel One Direction: 18°
Sensing Type : Resistance, Hall
Resistance : 1.8KΩ±20%,2KΩ±20%, 2.9KΩ±20%, 5KΩ±20%
Working Voltage: 5Vdc
Linearity: 2%
Max Input: 16Vdc
Linearity: 10mA
Output Type:
2A1:2 wires, 4-20mA, current output
3A1:3 wires, 4-20mA, current output
3V1:3 wires, 0-10V, voltage output
3V2:3 wires, 0-5V, voltage output
4A1:4 wires, 4-20mA, current output
4V1:4 wires, 0-10V, voltage output
4V2:4 wires, 0-5V, voltage output
Protection: IP65
Life Cycle: 15000000
Operating Temp: -25°C to 85°C

Manufacturer IEC
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