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Digital fluid-trac - Level sensors - Ultrasonic

Digital fluid-trac
• Display
• 208L ,55 Gallon
• 9V battery
• 24VDC
• 4-20mA

Barrel level sensor
Digital Fluid-Trac™ multi-unit drum gauge i
a cost competitive non-contact liquid level drum gauge wit
4-20 mA output. The unit has 2.5% accuracy over its outpu
The DFT-series drum gauge was designed for usage o
standard ANSI MH2-2004 vertical drums (≤ 32 inch depths
The DFT-220 drum gauge allows the user to easily selec
between the following vertical drum settings:

DFT-110 9V battery,
DFT-220 9V battery and 24VDC, 4-20mA

Manufacturer SSI
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