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SM60 - Engine control - Ignition coils


Ignition coil
The SM60 A Ignition Coil is designed to provide powerful and efficient spark ignition for normally aspirated, turbo charged, stoichiometric or lean burn gaseous fuelled engines up to approximately 2 litres (120 cubic inches) per cylinder.
Available with an AMP sealed connector, the SM60 A ignition coil is a single, high efficiency, compact, dry ignition coil designed to work with the Gill range of inductive igniters. SM60 A is fully encapsulated with no exposed core, providing robust spark ignition technology.

Primary Resistance:
0.5 ohms nominal
Primary Inductance:
Peak Current:
Typical Spark Duration:
Spark Energy:
Secondary Voltage:
35kV max
LT Connections:
AMP Superseal Connector
HT Connections:
SAE Post

Manufacturer Gill Sensors
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