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10715 iQ-View - Electronic - Display

10715 iQ-View
• Dual user configurable quad display
• Multi-level programming access
• Smart machine/system diagnostics on I/O screens
• Displays SAE J1939 parameters
• J1939 fault logging and display of active faults
• Controls throttle via J1939

J1939 Display controller
The IQ View is a smart display and controller that presents
engine and machine parameters to the operator as well as
controls the auto-feed function on chippers and grinders. As
a display unit, the user can select four parameters to display
simultaneously. A second page can also be set to display
four additional parameters. Either of the pages is easily
selected for viewing.
Machine and system diagnostics are displayed prominently
across the top of the unit.
The IQ VIEW is compliant with Tier IV and Stage IIIB/IV
to meet the latest requirements including regeneration.
A password protected multi-level menu is used for setup.
No computer is required for feld confguration.
Specifc I/O for extra functionality, such as autofeed control
for chippers, electronic clutches, and many more.

Manufacturer IEC
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